Get more web sales!

Are your website visitors
buying or bouncing?

I will put your website under close scrutiny to find out why visitors are not converting! And then I will fix it!

It is frustrating to see all those website visitors not resulting in sales!

Wasting traffic on a non-converting website is a lost opportunity. Getting someone to your website the first time is easy, but a second time especially after a bad experience is nearly impossible.

So, what is going on!
Why are people not buying?

Why is it that some people can decide within a split second to bounce back to Google or Facebook? Or why does someone even after spending a few minutes on your website still decides to leave?

Could it be that your beautifull looking website is actually working against you? Preventing you from earning more money?

Yes, your website is probably scaring people away from making their first purchase!

Do you know the feeling when you suddenly walked into a bad part of town? There are not clear signs, but you just feel uneasy. So you quickly turn around and walk away.

That is what is happening on your website as well, unconsciously your visitors are picking up signals making them feel uneasy about your business and so they leave.

Let's fix your website!

Based on research in psychology, experimentation and experience.

Step 1
I will audit your website to find improvements.
Step 2
The audit will result in a report with suggestions and a plan of attack.
Step 3
Implement the most obvious improvements and run A / B tests to finetune the website.

Don't spend money on traffic if your website can't convert them into customers!

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing or split testing is a process of showing two variants of the same web page to different website visitors at the same time and comparing which variant performs better.

Most tests will be about improving your conversion rate, but that is not the only reason to run a test. Think about reducing bounce rate or the number of returns. Perhaps lower the number of support calls your get.

How to run a A/B test!

Start with research!

Figure out what pages or elements need your attention using experience and tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Formulate a hypothesis!

Formalize a hypothesis this will force you to think about what results we should look for in an experiment.

Create the test!

Create a different variant based on the hypothesis and test it against the original.

Run the test!

Run it and wait, use a tool like Google Optimize which makes this easy.

Analyze the results!

Let the test run until statistical significance has been reached and implement the winnar.

What is a good conversion rate?

Good is relative, take a look at these industry median values.

Top 10%

There is no true answer to the question "what is a good conversation rate". The only thing that really matters is that your conversion rate is always better then it was last month.

About the nerd!

Mark Nijhof is the conversion nerd

Hi, My name is Mark Nijhof and I am The Conversion Nerd.

Since 2000 I have been working as a professional programmer for companies ranging from big multinationals till startups. And the last 6 years I have been working on my own startups, the last being The Childish Stylist which I started together with my wife.

Bad websites don't sell!

In my experience no matter how good the product or service, you won't sell if the website fails to properly communicate or falls short in establishing trust!

Because of that I have been studying and applying conversion rate optimization techniques, positioning and human psychology to improve websites so they generate more conversions.

Since we are bootstrapping The Childish Stylist I only have limited time to help other companies with my experience to get more conversions from the same traffic!

Hire me!

If you believe your website should be performing better, and honestly, don't we all, then hire me to help you with that!

I'll guarantee that investing in making your website perform better is the best way to increase your sales and will improve your bottom line!

Let's improve your website now!

I offer four basic packages to choose from!

1 Page Audit
kr. 5 000 ex
  • 1 Page audit
  • Zoom call to discuss findings
7 Page Audit
kr. 25k ex
  • 7 Page audit
  • Zoom call to discuss findings
  • Audit report with recommendations
Full Audit
kr. 45k ex
kr. 30k ex
  • Full audit
  • Zoom call to discuss findings
  • Audit report with recommendations
  • Guidance on how to implement the top 3 recommendations
The Works
kr. 85k ex
  • Full audit
  • Zoom call to discuss findings
  • Audit report with recommendations
  • I will implement the top 25 recommendations
  • Ongoing implementation on a hourly basis

Contact me now to see how I can help you!

If you can't find what you are looking for then we will put together a custom solution!

Email me at or call me on +47 4674 8688 (between 13:00 and 22:00) to setup a meeting.

Mark helped us find bottlenecks related to page load speed, organic ranking / search visibility and server-side performance of our website and suggested different ways to solve these to increase our web sales.

We have since seen a significant growth in all the KPI's that matter!
— Erlend Stunner